The  Silver  Lining

Trail ride and a Picnic

Prices Vary - Call to schedule 601-201-9099

Trail Riding Weekends

This is quite possibly our very favorite way to ride! Our way! Stress free! Fun! All inclusive!

You can rent one of our horses for the weekend or for the day.

Prices Vary! Entry fees alone are around $100 per race.

additional charges include horse lease, hauling fees!

American Endurance Riders Conference:  We love to ride! We love to compete! We love to camp out!  Endurance Racing offers us a win, win, win!

​We have competed in LD and 50 mi rides in MS, Georgia, Texas and we are headed to North

Carolina and Kentucky!

​​​Full Care: $350 per month

We do not board Self Care 

Attendant for Vet or Farrier - $8

Administering meds - $3 per day

Administering shots - $5 per IM 

Hauling - $1.50 per mile

​Bathing - $15 per horse/shower

Boarding a horse with us

We have 28 stalls and several turnouts. We offer free choice hay in the turnouts and feed the horses 2 times per day. 


  • English riding - $55 per hour 
  • Western riding-lessons $55 per hour
  • Mississippi Hunter Jumper Association
  • American Endurance Riders Conference - Prices vary
  • Fox Hunting (limited amount)
  • Trail Ride-Miles of Trails - Horse and tack rental $55
  • Trail riding camping trips - prices vary
  • Kids Camps - $250-$350
  • Birthday Parties - start at $350
TEXT 601-201-9099 to schedule riding lessons!

Riding Lessons

No matter what your age, we can help you ride! Lessons are sold as a package for $180 per month for 4 lessons or $55 per hour lesson when purchased separately.

Our Services include

Call for pricing and schedule! We have ridden all over the South! Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and Texas! Compete or Relax and enjoy the trail! Call to book your adventure!

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